Hello ladies,
My name is Eric and I am the creator of BZ Lady

What’s BZ Lady?
BZ Lady is a nail polish created for busy women who enjoy having good looking and trendy nails but who simply don’t have the time to take care of them.

But still?
What I did is I took the formula of traditional nail polishes we find in drugstores, I removed 7 toxic and harmful ingredients related to cancer and irritation and I replaced them by harmless alternatives.

What did I get?
  • A nail polish that is creamy and opaque.
  • A nail polish that dries quickly under 5 minutes.
  • A nail polish that stays beautiful for 7 days without retouching.
  • A nail polish that doesn't stain your nails once removed.

All my life, I’ve been surrounded by women and working with women. I came to realize they all face the same reality: They simply don’t have enough time in a day to do everything they want to accomplish. So the first thing they end-up scarifying is themselves and the things that make them happy. They are simply too busy to spend time on themselves… isn’t sad?

My mission is to bring colors to their lives. Colors that are opaque and durable.